History InSite

A permanent, site-specific installation, History InSite juxtaposes historical photographs with modern streetscapes by presenting the photo in, or close to, the place which it was taken.

St. Catharines has a rich photographic history and when compared to the changing streetscapes around the City, that history becomes much more meaningful, poignant, and relevant to our modern eyes.

Where to Find the Installations:

Downtown St. Catharines

Map of the installation location in Downtown St. Catharines.

1 – 23-25 St. Paul Street, STCM 2477-N

2 – 87 St. Paul Street, STCM 2002.20.5

3 – Queen Street at King Street, STCM 2080-N

4 – 17-21 Queen Street, STCM S1963.42.17.2

5 – 105-115 St. Paul Street, STCM 2003.117.4

6 – 127-185 St. Paul Street, STCM 1975.24.4

7 – 38 James Street, STCM 9718-N

8 – 203 St. Paul Street, STCM 1829-N

9 – 230-236 St. Paul Street, STCM 1087-N

10 – 270 St. Paul Street, STCM S1937.28.2.8

11 – St. Paul Street near Academy Street, STCM 2006.77.1011

12 – 30 Ontario Street, STCM 1075-N

Port Dalhousie

Map of the installation in Port Dalhousie.

1 – Main Street at Ann Street, 6032-N

2 – Lakeside Park, 3838-N

3 – 12 Lock Street, 1920-N

4 – 42 Canal Street, 1051-N

5 – Lock 1, Third Canal, 1168-N

Graffiti Report

If you spot any graffiti on our purple History InSite signs, please send us a message and photo via email museum@stcatharines.ca.

History InSite in the News

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