History InSite: 39 Oakdale Avenue, S1937.69.7.1

An older woman and man are photographed outside their house, in front of their front porch. The woman is seated on the left, the man is standing next to her. Behind them on the steps and porch, two children can be seen in the background.
Three of their 18 grand-children or nine great-grandchildren watch as Mr. and Mrs. Price are photographed at their home in 1937. | STCM S1937.69.7.1

Married in 1887, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Price appeared in the St. Catharines Standard to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary on this spot in 1937.

The Price’s had three daughters, 18 grand-children, and nine great-grandchildren.

This photograph was taken in front of their home at 3 Oak Avenue, later to be renumbered and renamed 39 Oakdale Avenue. The house was demolished sometime between 1971 and 1995.

Many other couples celebrated major milestone wedding anniversaries as it was quite popular in the St. Catharines Standard in the 1930s and 1940s.

Happy Anniversary!

A man and woman are pictured in their living room. The man is standing looking right of the camera next to his wife who is seated and looking to the left of the camera.
Congratulations are in order today for Mayor and Mrs. John Scott of Merritton on the twenty-fifth anniversary of their marriage. Tonight a party of friends will gather at the home of the happy couple to celebrate with them. Mr. and Mrs. Scott were married in the Presbyterian Church in Merritton by the Rev. Wise and have resided in the town ever since.” – St. Catharines Standard, 1938. | STCM S1938.50.11.1

Lots of couples marking significant milestone anniversaries were featured in the St. Catharines Standard through the years. Check out these photos of other wedding anniversaries on our online collection portal EMuseum.

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