History InSite: 127-185 St. Paul Street, 1975.24.46

Two women and three cyclists cross St. Paul Street, between Queen St. and James St., facing east, c.1945. | STCM 1975.24.46

This photo, taken in 1945, represents so much change in our community. From the style of cars and clothes, to the flashy signage above the many popular shops, to major architectural changes along the streetscape, and the eventual disappearance of street car infrastructure along our major roads. Do you recognize St. Catharines more than seventy years later?

10th Battery parading from the train station to the Armoury on their return from Europe, 1945.

The Parade Route

Being the main street in the City comes with the additional responsibility of being the main artery of every parade. From military parades to the annual Niagara Wine Festival Grand Parade, St. Paul Street is at the centre of every celebration.

There’s More to the Story

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About History InSite

A permanent, site specific installation, History InSite juxtaposes historical photographs with modern streetscapes by presenting the photo in, or close to, the place which it was taken.

St. Catharines has a rich photographic history and when compared to the changing streetscapes around the City, that history becomes much more meaningful, poignant, and relevant to our modern eyes.

History InSite is presented by the St. Catharines Museum & Welland Canals Centre.

Graffiti Report

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