One Hour in the Past E306 – The October Crisis


Have you ever noticed that a simple information search can lead you in strange and wonderful directions? As in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, historical research can lead you down a winding rabbit hole that might take you off your original path and lead you to new and amazing historical places!

This podcast series starts with that premise!

Adrian Petry, Visitors Services Coordinator and Kathleen Powell, Supervisor of Historical Services and Curator, both from the St. Catharines Museum and Welland Canals Centre, have challenged each other to explore the weird and wonderful places that one hour of research on a topic will take them. Join them as they share their findings!

Welcome to Season 3 of One Hour in the Past. In season one we explored a wide range of topics from the Arts and Crafts Movement to Thanksgiving. In season two we welcomed guests to join us for a trip down the rabbit hole as we researched topics like photography, sidewalks, and telephones. We’re taking this third season of the podcast down a bit of a different path. We’ll be diving a bit deeper into Canadian history by researching Prime Ministers, Maps and mapping, the Family Compact, the Fur Trade, and on today’s episode: the October Crisis.

On this episode of One Hour in the Past, Kathleen and Adrian explore the mysterious and turbulent history of the FLQ and the October Crisis.


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1 – Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s famous “Just Watch Me” moment:

2 – Pierre Vallieres and his book that became a rallying point for the FLQ.

3 – Article from the Montreal Gazette featuring stories about the Ville Jacques-Cartier neighbourhood.

4 – The FLQ Manifesto, translated to English.

5 – Video of the 1968 St. Jean Baptiste Parade and PM Trudeau avoiding rocks and bricks thrown by protestors.

6 – The CBC Podcast Recall: How to Start a Revolution, featuring seven episodes of great story telling and research on the FLQ and the October Crisis.

7 – Results from the 1973 Quebec Provincial Election.

8 – Results from the 1976 Quebec Provincial Election.

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