Curator’s Pick – December

As I contemplated what book I would like to recommend to you this month, I had holiday sweets and family feasts dancing through my mind.  Snow has been softly falling outside my office window all day and the view looks so festive and lovely and reminded me of winter days at home enjoying some home cooked foods!

While COVID-19 may hold us back from large group gatherings, that should not stop you from enjoying some tasty Canadian inspired foods with those in your household bubble! So, in order to help out with that, I have decided to share with you this lovely recipe book that celebrates all things maple!

This book was written by Elaine Elliot in 2016 and starts with a primer on tapping sugar maple trees and how we get from tree sap to the lovely golden liquid we all enjoy.

Additionally, Elaine Elliot has compiled a varied collection of recipes, both original and from some restaurants and inns across the country to showcase the diverse options you have when cooking with maple syrup. From brunch and breakfast foods to entrees and desserts, Elliot provides many options for food lovers of all sorts.

Possibly my favourite is a recipe for Maple Syrup Pie from a Quebec City restaurant – Aux Anciens Canadiens. Sugar pie has always been a favourite of mine and so I can only imagine that the addition of maple syrup into the mix – so to speak – can only take it to the next level! This is the first recipe I am going to try in this lovely book.

If you are looking for a nice stocking stuffer or a recipe book to add to your own bookshelf, I recommend this beautifully illustrated recipe collection.

Happy eating!

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