W. H. Merritt Gallery: Bridges

There’s More to the Story

Learn more about the bridges of the Welland Ship Canal.

Archival Document: Traffic Control Manual

Read through the Canal traffic control manual from the 1950s.

Podcast: Canal Crossings Mini-Series

Join Sara Nixon and Des Corran as they discuss the history of bridges on the Welland Ship Canal.

Video Series: Lego Challenge: Bridge Edition

Join Adrian Petry and take the Lego Challenge. Build bridges that are featured on the Welland Canal and around St. Catharines.

Website: The Historic Welland Canals Mapping Project

Created by Brock University Map Librarian Emeritus Colleen Beard, the map combines historic maps and aerial photographs with GIS (Geographic Information System) markers to track and pinpoint canal infrastructure on modern maps.

Artifact and Image Object Package: Bridges

Explore the Museum’s collection via eMuseum and see objects and photographs related to bridges that we weren’t able to put on display.

Further Reading