Museum Chat Live! E504 – Canal Crossings Miniseries: The Bridges

This is the first in a series of episodes that explores the bridges that cross the Welland Canal.

Aerial view of Locks 4, 5 and 6 looking north on the Welland Canal, 1929.. Pictured in the shot are the railroad bridge, Glendale Bridge, and Homer Bridge in the far north. STCM 2592-R

Most of the time, when we think of these bridges, we think of being stuck at them. The many bridges that cross the canal from Port Weller to Port Colborne are often just thought of as part of the infrastructure that gets us from Point A to Point B- with sometimes a wait in between. But, when you are stuck at a bridge, waiting for a ship to pass, have you ever really thought about what that bridge represents? We can actually tell so many stories and explore our history in new ways by talking about the crossing points on the Welland Canal.

So, we share with you the Museum Chat Live! Canal Crossings mini-series. On this episode, your co-host Sara and special guest Des Corran introduce you to The Bridges.


E504 – The Bridges

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Check out a few examples of the different types of bridge crossings along the Welland Canal:

View of the double-leaf bascule bridge, Homer Bridge (Bridge No. 4) looking north, 1932. STCM 2006.130.157
Single-leaf bascule bridge, Bridge No. 1 at Lock 1 of the Welland Canal, 1932. STCM 2006.130.176
Ships approaching Port Robinson vertical lift bridge (Bridge No. 12) on the Welland Canal, looking north. STCM 2006.77.1799

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