Museum Chat Live! E502 – At Home with your Family History

Today on Museum Chat Live, two of the St. Catharines Museum’s Collections Technicians, Helen and Sarah, share ideas with your co-host, Sara, on how you can use your #stayhome time to dig into your family history.

It’s time to set up your space and get to work on your family history! STCM S1938.70.1.1

Maybe you’ve been avoiding those boxes of old family photos, or that pile a records a family member left to you. Maybe you’ve been wanting to start researching your family history but it seemed like to daunting of a task. Or, you just didn’t have the time. Well, now you do!

Starting a family history project is a great opportunity for you to pass the extra time you are having at home in a meaningful, constructive way and to learn more about your family history.


E502 – At Home with your Family History

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Download the inventory template below to help you organize your family photos and records:

Looking to dig deeper and start researching your family history? Here are a few free online resources you can use:

The St. Catharines Museum Online Collections

Archives of Ontario

Find a Grave

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  1. Hello from Colorado, USA! I enjoy reading about St Catharines. Thank you!

    I noted a typo in the ST Catharines Museum online collection entry about Thomas Moore Benson. He married Edith McCaul who was the daughter of Rev. John McCaul, not Rex.

    I became familiar with St. Catharines in 2015 because I wrote a novel, Alma Mater, that features the daughters of Thomas Burns, Esq. along with Margaret McFarland of Port Robinson, and the Fuller girls (Laura married Thomas Moore Benson) as well as a girl from Toronto, Harriet Taylor. It’s available on Amazon. I don’t know how to get it over the border to you unless I order author copies to be sent to the museum. I would donate them for sale. Please advise!! Pamela Borden Heckert


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