Pride in St. Catharines: A Call to the Community

June is Pride Month. The St. Catharines Museum cares for artifacts of all colours of the rainbow but, like many museums, it is challenging to find objects in our collection that represent the stories of the LGBTQ+ community.

We are working towards inclusivity in the museum galleries and collections so that everyone in St. Catharines can see themselves reflected in the narrative of our City.

We are calling to you to help us in this important work! If you have a story or image connected to LGBTQ+ history in St. Catharines, please reach out to us through the blog or on social media! We would love to hear from you. Help us tell this part of our City’s history.

Please comment below, or contact Sara at snixon [at] or by calling the Museum at 905-984-8880. We hope to share your stories in an upcoming blog post.

Help us tell the story of the LGBTQ+ community in St. Catharines.

Sara Nixon is a public historian and Public Programmer at the St. Catharines Museum & Welland Canals Centre.

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