Museum Chat Live! E402 – Museums, Innovation, and our New Interpretive Plan

On this episode of Museum Chat Live!, we discuss the latest venture of the St. Catharines Museum – undertaking a new Interpretive Plan. We explore what an Interpretive Plan is, what it means for the Museum, and why it matters.

Concept drawing of the Museum’s future Introduction Gallery space. Courtesy of hsd.

We’re publishing this podcast episode during Museum Week, a global online campaign celebrating the work and impact of cultural institutions across the world. One of themes this year is #ExploreMW. This theme challenges museums to explore new territory, initiative and daring. It is an invitation to share innovation, to think outside the box, and push the boundaries!

This is how we see the work of the Museum’s new Interpretive Plan.



The full Interpretive Plan will be linked here once completed.

Proposed floor plan of the St. Catharines Museum & Welland Canals Centre. The Museum’s lobby and gallery spaces will be transformed over multiple phases.


  1. […] In May 2019, the St. Catharines Museum and Welland Canals Centre unveiled its new Interpretive Plan, a bold new vision for how we tell our community’s stories at the Museum. This plan, which is expected to be implemented over 5-7 years, will see a whole new look and feel to most of our spaces and a new look at the history of the community as told through the artifacts in our collections. You can read the interpretive plan below. We also have a Museum Chat Live! podcast about the Interpretive Plan and you can listen to that here. […]

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