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Welcome back to Museum Chat Live! and our first podcast of 2018. Our 2018 series of Books & Brews kicks off February 20 with a discussion of Company Town by Madeline Ashby.

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In this podcast study guide (to go along with your reading of the book) we take a look at the idea of Merritton, one of the 4 former cities that amalgamated into St. Catharines, and it’s development as a ‘company town’ alongside the historic Welland Canals.

A Merritton parade celebrating it’s own history on (what is believed to be) the 80th anniversary of the opening of the First Welland Canal c.1909. STCM 2136-N, copyright St. Catharines Museum & Welland Canals Centre.

Of course, the history of Merritton, and the history of any place, is far more complex than could possibly be analysed in a brief study-guide podcast, and so this episdoe should not be considered a complete history of the town, but rather the presentation of one idea as a just one part of explaining its rich history.

For more information, please check out the links in the Footnotes below.

Enjoy the episode!

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