W. H. Merritt Gallery: Sluice Paddle

There’s More to the Story

There’s always more information, stories, and artifacts than we can fit in an exhibit. Explore the contents below to learn more about the history of the First Welland Canal.

Report: Lock 24 of the First Welland Canal by Robert Shipley and Historical Research Limited

Read the archaeological report from the 1987 dig of Lock 24.

Image Gallery: Lock 24 Drawings

View drawings of the sluice paddle included in the report from the archaeological dig of Lock 24 in 1987.

Image Gallery: Maps and Plans

View the maps and plans on display on the wall close-up.

Blog Series: “How the Story Goes: Reexamining the Story of the First Welland Canal”

This 4-part blog series examines (and reexamines) the way we share the story of the First Welland Canal and sheds light on the financial and construction challenges the builders faced.

Virtual Museum Lecture: “Open for Business: the Welland Canal in 1830”

This lecture looks at the first full year of operation of the Welland Canal in 1830 and how weather, finances, reputation, and an incomplete route impacted its performance.

Artifact and Image Object Package: First Welland Canal

Explore the Museum’s collection via eMuseum and see objects and photographs related to the First Welland Canal we weren’t able to put on display.

Further Reading

The below list of sources are available at the St. Catharines Public Library.