W. H. Merritt Gallery: Second Welland Canal

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There’s always more information, stories, and artifacts than we can fit in an exhibit. Explore the contents below to learn more about the history of the Second Welland Canal.

Virtual Museum Lecture: “Upper Canada’s Black Defenders Take on Niagara’s Wild West”

Sometimes known as the Black Defenders of Upper Canada, the Coloured Corps militia unit famously served in the War of 1812 and was called out to the Rebellion of 1837. Less remembered, however, is how the Corps took on many tense, violent, and deadly altercations and riots with particular skill in what can only be described as Niagara’s ‘Wild West’ between the 1830s and 1851 along the banks of the Welland Canal.

Artifact and Images Object Package: Second Welland Canal

Explore the Museum’s collection via eMuseum and see objects and photographs related to the Second Welland Canal we weren’t able to put on display.

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