2023 Guided Spirit Walks – Meet Your Guide: Jane

The annual Guided Spirit Walks are back again this September and we’re excited to share the profiles of the historic people included this year, and our wonderful cast of volunteer performers who will portray them.

For our last character/performer profile, we introduce you to Meaghan Lamothe as our tour guide Jane Smith!

A little about Jane Smith…

Jane hates Jane Austen and novels in general. She’d rather the masses consume history and has set out in the cemetery to find more exciting stories from our city’s past, than anything any fiction can offer.

Our 2023 guide Meaghan Lamothe.

A little about Meaghan

Character: Jane Smith
Seasons with Guided Spirit Walks: 3 (once acting and twice volunteering)
Favourite Tour Year: “2019 – I loved the costumes and the energy of that tour. It was also when I got to see my husband act for the first time.”
Favourite Character: “I didn’t play them, but I loved Ian and Irene’s characters talking about the temperance movement and making the audience pledge a vow to abstain from drinking.”
Favourite Costume: “My safety vest when I volunteered for traffic duty. It was quite flattering.”
What can our audiences look forward to most? “The audience can be prepared to have a great time. This years tour is fun and informative and full of some great characters!”

A keen eye can spot Meaghan, far left, in her “favourite costume” traffic vest as tour assistant during her favourite scene from the 2019 walks.

Check out Meaghan’s performance of Isabella Frampton Hawken in the 2020 virtual production:

The 12th Annual Guided Spirit Walks

This year’s walks take place on September 8, 9, 15, and 16 at 6pm and 7pm. Tickets are $15.50 per person. Tickets go on sale on August 1 via our ActiveNet portal or over the phone (905.984.8880) or in-person at the St. Catharines Museum.

For More…

For more on how we put together the annual walks at Victoria Lawn, check out this run down of crafting the walks, our most popular program.

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