2023 Guided Spirit Walks – Dr. Chauncey Beadle

The annual Guided Spirit Walks are back again this September and we’re excited to share the profiles of the historic people included this year, and our wonderful cast of volunteer performers who will portray them.

For our next character/actor profiles, we meet Dr. Chauncey Beadle and his wife portrayed by Ian Ashman and Kathie Leblanc.

Ian and Kathie examine Beadle’s grave marker at Victoria Lawn.

A little about the scene…

Just about at the time of his life when he wants to make the transition from Doctor to Farmer (or Stage Coach owner) Mrs. Beadle questions his motivations since he is so beloved a doctor.

A little about Kathie…

Character: Mrs. Beadle.
Seasons performed with Guided Spirit Walks: 5 seasons.
Favourite Tour Year: 2022
Favourite Character: Jenny Pincock O’Hara.
Favourite Costume: Jenny Pincock O’Hara.
What can our audiences look forward to most? “Audiences can always look forward to an interesting, informative accounting of the history of St. Catharines and the people who helped in building the city that we have today.  They are sure to meet some interesting characters, from our founding fathers to the women that brought culture and education; who assisted in the war effort or supported their husbands in the day to day running of the city.  Sometimes famous, sometimes infamous but always entertaining.” 

Kathie, as Jenny Pincock O’Hara, leads the 2022 walks at Victoria Lawn.

A little about Ian…

Character: Dr. Chauncey Beadle
Seasons performed with Guided Spirit Walks: 12 seasons!
Favourite Tour Year: 2019
Favourite Character: Detective Brown
Favourite Costume: Strangely, my costumes don’t change very much.
What can our audiences look forward to most? “Finally exploring why it is so hard to navigate St. Catharines!”

Ian as Melancthon Simpson in the 2021 walks.

A little about Dr. Chauncey Beadle

Born in Connecticut on June 25, 1791, Chauncey Beadle lived with his family in various locations in New York State until he completed his medical studies in 1816. He came to St. Catharines in 1821 and as the only medical practitioner in the area, he earned a reputation as one who would travel long distances over impossible roads to aid the sick. In 1827, he established a line of public stage coaches between St. Catharines, Brantford, and Windsor. In the early 1830s, his interest shifted again to horticulture and he began one of the first fruit farms in St. Catharines, growing fruit trees and grapes. His business was called the St. Catharines Nursery. He passed the business to his son in the 1850s and died on March 24, 1863.

The 12th Annual Guided Spirit Walks

This year’s walks take place on September 8, 9, 15, and 16 at 6pm and 7pm. Tickets are $15.50 per person. Tickets go on sale on August 1 via our ActiveNet portal or over the phone (905.984.8880) or in-person at the St. Catharines Museum.

For More…

For more on how we put together the annual walks at Victoria Lawn, check out this run down of crafting the walks, our most popular program.

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