VMLS via Podcast – Open for Business: The Welland Canal in 1830

Promotional Graphic for the lecture presented on May 19, 2020.

Virtual Museum Lecture Series via Podcast

In the spring of 2020, we began to offer history lectures through our Virtual Museum Lecture Series live on Youtube. Now, with over 20 lectures, we’re happy to bring the lecture audio to the podcast format so that more people can enjoy these fascinating stories. If you want to catch the lectures in-full, take a gander at our YouTube channel – you’ll find us under St. Catharines Museum. We will release most of the 20 lectures over the next few weeks, and as we add more lectures to Youtube, so too will they eventually appear here on the podcast. We hope these lectures provide a bit of historical joy and also spark imagination and exploration into our City’s rich history.

More lectures are headed your way this fall. For details, please visit our website, stcatharinesmuseum.ca.

The story of the first full operating season of the Welland Canal in 1830 is interesting because it challenges the dominant narrative of a well organized, well financed, well run, and generally successful endeavour, when in actuality, it was plagued with problems and failures.


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