Museum Chat Live! – E609: Museum Work in a Pandemic

On this episode of Museum Chat Live!, we consider how museum work has changed over the past year in the face of a global pandemic. As with many professions and fields, the pandemic has laid bare the challenges in museum work, but has also brought clarity to our strengths and resilience. We’re here to get into the nitty gritty and ask how museums have had to drastically shift focus, innovate to reach audiences, remain relevant in our communities, and continue our overarching purpose, as custodians of the past, to preserve and interpret history in entirely new ways.


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Public Programmer Sara takes a selfie during set-up for a virtual guided tour through the Museum Galleries for an online class. The St. Catharines Museum quickly shifted to virtual programming in March 2020, and we’ll likely continue to offer this type of remote programming into the future.


We drew on the below articles to help inform our discussion for this episode:

Jennifer Billock, “How Will Covid-19 Change the Way Museums are Built?”, Smithsonian Magazine, September 2020.

Marsha Lederman, “Museums, forced to act fast, employ rapid response collecting for COVID-era“, Globe and Mail, June 2020

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