Museum Chat Live! E607 – The Howe Report Revisited


On this episode of Museum Chat Live! Sara and Adrian revisit their lecture on the Howe Report presented as a part of the Museum’s Virtual Museum Lecture Series in November of 2020. The lecture focussed on the Howe Report, or using it’s proper name, “The Refugees from Slavery in Canada West: a Report to the Freedman’s Inquiry Commission,” written by Dr. Samuel Gridley Howe after his visit to St. Catharines in 1863 to report on the condition of refugee Freedom Seekers to Congress. Howe’s interviews were transcribed and reveal a lot about our community in 1863.

February is Black History Month and it’s important we take the time to celebrate and commemorate the contributions of Black Canadians to our history and community, and to acknowledge all the narratives surrounding the Black experience found in our history.


For more on the Howe Report, check out our Black History Month Blog Series from 2020.

To watch the full lecture, please see below or visit our Youtube Channel.

The Howe Report – Virtual Museum Lecture Series, November 2020

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