Museum Chat Live! E601 – Creating Where’s the Pig?

Welcome back to Museum Chat Live! We’ve missed you!

On this episode of Museum Chat Live!, we take you on a journey through the creation of the St. Catharines Museum’s Where’s the Pig? virtual adventure series and dig a little deeper into its inspiration and why this kind of museum work is so important!

To help us explore this work a little further, we’ve invited historian Dr. Tim Compeau, who, among many accolades, teaches Digital Public History in the history graduate program at Western University.


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1 – You can watch the entire Where’s the Pig? virtual adventure series on our blog, Youtube, Facebook, or Instagram.

2 – The photograph that inspired Where’s the Pig?

A St. Catharines Standard photographer captured this shot of a pig running loose on Ontario Street downtown, 1945. The Welland House is featured in the background, along with the many early car dealerships that once lined the street. STCM S1945.5.10.3

3 – For a more thorough examination of Techumseh’s life, read this Canadian Encyclopedia article.

4 – Learn more about Dr. Tim Compeau and Tecumseh Lies Here on his website.

5 – For further reading, see the article written by Tim Compeau and Robert MacDougall, “Tecumseh Lies Here: Goals and Challenges for a Pervasive History Game in Progress”.

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