Lego Challenge: Built Heritage Edition – Lincoln County Courthouse

We LOVE building with Lego and now YOU can build along with us at home! Each week, Adrian will challenge to build a different historic structure in St. Catharines. You can follow along Adrian’s progress and post your progress with #stcmlegochallenge!

Our final Lego Challenge this week is the Lincoln County Courthouse! The Courthouse was built in 1849, with the east wing added in 1865. It was in use as the Courthouse until 1981 when the new Courthouse was completed.

It may be our final Lego Challenge for the Built Heritage Edition, but we’ll be back in the future with more Lego Challenges. Until then, why not pick a building in your community that is significant to you and build it out of Lego. Have fun and share your photos with us!

Happy building and thanks for participating in the Lego Challenge!

Check out the photo and Fire Insurance Plan (for foot print) below.

Lincoln County Courthouse, c. 1900. STCM 1125-N
Fire Insurance Plan detailing the Lincoln County Courthouse in 1913. STCM 1972.31.1.3

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