Lego Challenge: Built Heritage Edition – Public Weigh Scales

Lego Challenge: Built Heritage Edition

Introducing our latest online adventure- Lego Challenge: Built Heritage Edition!

We LOVE to build with Lego and now YOU can build along with us at home! Each week, Adrian will challenge you to build a different historic structure in St. Catharines using Lego and the photos we post as a template.

Follow along with Adrian’s daily updates and post your progress with #stcmlegochallenge! We can’t wait to see your Lego creations!

Your first challenge: Can you build the old Public Weigh Scales at St. Catharines Markets Square out of Lego?

Watch Adrian announce your first challenge below:

Here’s a picture of the building:

Public Weigh Scales building at Market Square, 1952. STCM 2127-N.

Here’s the weigh scales building on a 1913 Fire Insurance Plan, for scale:

A close up of Market Square and the Public Weigh Scales buildings, 1913. The St. Catharines Farmers Market continues to operate at the same location today. Notice the old Courthouse and location of the “City Offices.” STCM 1972.31.1.3A

Good luck with your challenge! We look forward to seeing your progress pictures! #StCLegoChallenge

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