Museum Chat Live! E501 – Trailblazing Women in St. Catharines

On this episode of Museum Chat Live!, we share the stories of some of the trailblazing women who’ve made their mark on St. Catharines history. We highlight some of the “firsts” for women in St. Catharines and also talk about our favourite sheros in our local herstory.

Estelle Cuffe Hawley, first elected female politician in St. Catharines.


E501 – Trailblazing Women of St. Catharines
A colourized image of Lillian Phelps.
Lillian Phelps, turn-of-the-century shero and suffragette.


Most research for this podcast episode was conducted in 2016 for the St. Catharines Museum’s “Leading the Way” exhibition. You can blog posts for all of the women discussed on this podcast episode. Explore the links below:

Dr. Gwen Mulock

Estelle Cuff Hawley

Betty Lampard

Mary Malcolmson

Catharine Welland Merritt

Lillian Phelps

Isabella Framton Hawken

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