Museum Chat Live! E403 – The Bus

Beep, beep! Get on the bus, everyone. On this episode of Museum Chat Live! we are celebrating the first anniversary of the 337 Crosstown bus route that ends here at the Museum. We have stories about getting lost, preferred bus etiquette, and some interesting tales about St. Catharines’ nearly-forgotten streetcars.



1 – Follow along our stories on the bus route map!

2 – Check out this photograph of St. Paul Street before the Streetcars!

STCM 6716-N

3 – Now, one from the 1920s with an Canadian National Electric Railway car travelling east on St. Paul Street.

STCM 2006.77.1011

4 – Here’s a photo of the CNE trackage in the late 1930s on St. Paul Street.

STCM 1975.24.46

5 – And a great photo of NS&T Trackage on St. Paul Street at the turn of the century.

STCM 1107-N

6 – A new Canadian National / NS&T Bus, 1939.

STCM S1939.43.9.2

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  1. Lovely pictures of St Paul Street! I live downtown and a hundred years ago I could jump on a streetcar to Port Dalhousie, connecting with a ship that would get me to TO in an hour. Things were so fast back then, compared with the crawl up the QEW today.

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