One Hour in the Past E201 – Sidewalks

E201 – Sidewalks

Have you ever noticed that a simple information search can lead you in strange and wonderful directions?  As in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, historical research can lead you down a winding rabbit hole that might take you off your original path and lead you to new and amazing historical places!

This podcast series starts with that premise!

Adrian Petry, Visitors Services Coordinator and Kathleen Powell, Supervisor of Historical Services and Curator, both from the St. Catharines Museum and Welland Canals Centre, have challenged each other to explore the weird and wonderful places that one hour of research on a topic will take them.  Join them as they share their findings!

On this episode…

Kathleen and Adrian welcome Tisha and Carolyn from the St. Catharines Downtown Association for a discussion about sidewalks. Spoiler alert: there are approximately 500 kms of sidewalks in St. Catharines!

All joking aside, this podcast episode is actually more interesting than it sounds and we encourage you to join us on this journey not only through the history of sidewalks in the city, but also a history of life in the city.

Special thanks to Tisha and Carolyn for joining us. Find out more about the St. Catharines Downtown Association at their website and follow them on social media so as to not miss out on any special promotions or contests!



1 – St. Catharines Downtown Association website and promotions.

2 – When everyone brings their copy of the book:

3 – Vitrified Brick

4 – The photo on page 105

St. Paul Street, c. 1885-1890. STCM 6716-N

5 – St. Catharines Street Name Project

6 – The City of St. Catharines Sidewalk Inspection Vehicle


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