One Hour in the Past E103 – Soda Water

E103 – Soda Water

Evangeline Beverages Soda Water Bottle, c. 1960. STCM 1989.86.5

Have you ever noticed that a simple information search can lead you in strange and wonderful directions?  As in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, historical research can lead you down a winding rabbit hole that might take you off your original path and lead you to new and amazing historical places!

This podcast series starts with that premise!

Adrian Petry, Visitors Services Coordinator and Kathleen Powell, Supervisor of Historical Services and Curator, both from the St. Catharines Museum and Welland Canals Centre, have challenged each other to explore the weird and wonderful places that one hour of research on a topic will take them.  Join them as they share their findings!

On this episode…

When our exhibit focused on objects found in attics and walls, titled Lost & Found, was coming together, Kathleen became intrigued with the soda water bottle that was to be included in the exhibit, and the history surrounding it. And that’s where our conversation picks up on the podcast for this episode: the history of Soda Water (and the history of Soda Water in St. Catharines).


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  1. Definition of Soda Water, courtesy of Google.soda water
  2.  Root Beer Advertisement, c. 1890.



















3. Coca-Cola Advertisment, c. 1890.


4. 7-Up Advertisement, c. 1940.


5. Pathe video from 1920-1939 showing Soda Water factory at work:

6. The St. Kitts Soda Water Bottle


7. Diffin’s Soda Water Bottle with glass stopper currently on display in the Museum lobby in ‘Lost & Found’. Come visit the Museum for a closer-up look. On display through January 2019.


8. A Modern Soda Water Fountain at the Welland House Pharmacy, 1938.


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