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On this special episode of the Museum Chat Live! podcast we’ll be focusing once again on our very cool book club: Books & Brews. As a part of the book club series, we are delivering three podcast episodes that accompany our discussion.

This podcast focuses on the March selection for Books & Brews: In the Skin of the Lion by Micheal Ondaatje. Please note that the 2017 Winter Books & Brews session is sold out – but that doesn’t mean you can’t participate from home. Pick up the book, listen to the podcast, and join in the discussion via Twitter.


This podcast features a special conversation with labour historian and Brock University History professor, Carmela Patrias. Take a listen to find out more about how Ondaatje’s book and fictional themes relate to Niagara’s own labour history, including the construction of the Welland Ship Canal (1913-1932).

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1 – Carmela’s publications: 

Jobs and Justice: Fighting Discrimination in Wartime Canada, 1939-1945 University of Toronto Press, 2012. 249 pp.

Discounted Labour: Women Workers in Canada, 1870-1939. Co-authored with Ruth Frager. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2005. 189 pp.

Confrontation, Struggle and Transformation: Organized Labour in the St. Catharines Area. Co-authored with Larry Savage. Canadian Committee on Labour History/ Athabasca University Press, Edmonton, 2007. 69 pp.

Union Power: Solidarity and Struggle in Niagara. Co-authored with Larry Savage. Athabasca University Press, 2012. 212 pp.

Relief Strike: Immigrant Workers and the Great Depression in Crowland, Ontario, 1930- 1935,” in A Nation of Immigrants, Women, Workers and Communities in Canadian History, 1840s-1960s. Edited by Franca Iacovetta with Paula Draper and Robert Ventresca. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1998. [Abridged from Relief Strike ] 322-358.

Other publications of Carmela’s are available here at this list.

2 – World Tea Podcast / Mahtay Cafe & Lounge

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