Know Your Neighbouts – Pte. George Hibben

Photo Attribution: John Hibben, St. Catharines Museum, 1998.225.5.1

Institution: CEF Canadian Survey Section

George Hibben was born on December 30, 1895 in Dartford, Kent, England.  Prior to his enlistment he worked as a farmer. On January 15th, 1915, Hibben enlisted with the 12th Reserve Regt. Canadian Expeditionary Force in Clinton, Ontario, which infers that he moved from England to Canada sometime before he turned 20 years old. At the time of enlistment Hibben was not married.

Hibben was wounded in action on October 23rd, 1916 and April 6th, 1918. He served with the 1st Cdn. Inf. Battalion and the 33rd Cdn. Inf. Battalion. Private Hibben was discharged on April 23, 1919 and was awarded the British War Medal for his service during WWI. After the war, Hibben settled in St. Catharines, started a family and worked as a shipper at Packard Electric.


  1. I think that George is Robert Edward Hibben’s brother. His parents were Robert George Hibben and Emma Anne Parker of Lucknow who are my Great Grandparents.


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