Open Late: A Summer of Museum Fun


We are so excited to announce the line up for the 2016 Open Late series.

Open Late

Why stay open a few hours later? We’re a big believer that Museums are for everyone. Well, not everyone is free to come to the Museum during our regular hours. A good place to start, we figure, is by staying open by a few extra hours every Tuesday from May 24 to October 4.

It also give the Museum’s community of visitors a chance to have some extra summer fun!

The Line Up

Trying to catch every visitor at every event is impossible, so we’ve designed a few different series of events to make sure everyone has a chance to have a fun Museum experience.

Kids Night

Pretty self explanatory. Kids = messy, fun, loud, and memorable.


Out of the Vault 

Our Out of the Vault series returns. It’s your chance to see rarely-seen artifacts straight out of the Museum’s collection of over 100,000 physical objects.


Introducing: Renegade Tours 

Think museum gossip, behind-the-scenes stories, rarely-seen artifacts and fast paced history. Definitely not your grandmother’s museum tour.


And much more! 

There will be much more fun throughout the summer. Keep watch and check back for details!


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