Know Your Neighbours – Albert Adams

Albert came to Canada in 1909 from Scotland where he had been a gardener. Albert began working for the florist Wally Walker until he enlisted and went overseas to serve in the Great War.  When the war ended, Albert returned to St. Catharines where he began working for the City as a gardener.

Mr. Albert Adams was the Gardener for the Montebello Park Rose Garden. He became the gardener in either 1924 or 1929.

Photo Attribute: John Burtniak, St. Catharines Museum, 2006.77.1272

A few years after he started working in the Rose Garden, he had an accident. While spraying a rose, he accidentally shot insecticide in his left eye which caused permanent damage.

Albert became so good at tending to the roses, that he won the Dunlop Trophy at the Canadian National Exhibition for four consecutive years. The trophy was awarded annually for best display of roses.

Albert tended the roses in the Montebello Park Rose Garden until 1954.

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  1. Some years ago at the Central Library, I picked up pamphlets of walking tours of areas in St. Catharines of architectural interest. I did not take note of who prepared these. Might it have been the Museum? I’m particularly interested in revisiting the Montebello Park area. The pamphlet designated surrounding area street numbers with descriptions of the architectural styles of the homes. Does this ring a bell?
    Also, my husband’s great aunt married Mr. John Widdicombe who owned The Widdicombe Building on St. Paul St. in the 1930’s. I’d like to find out which structure this is. Any idea?

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