Know Your Neighbours – Richard B. Wright

Wright-Cover-2.jpgAuthor of 13 published novels and 2 children’s books. Richard B. Wright was born in Midland, Ontario on March 4, 1937 to Laverne and Laura (Thomas). He graduated from Ryerson Polytechnic Institute having studied Radio and TV arts in 1959. He became an assistant editor for Macmillan Canada in 1960.

Wright married Phyllis Cotton in 1966 and they had two sons; Christopher Stephen and Richard Andrew. Wright found initial success when his first book was published.  It was a children’s book titled “Andrew Tolliver” (later retitled “One John A Too Many”). His first full-length novel “The Weekend Man” was published in 1970.

Wright returned to post-secondary school at Trent University graduating in 1972 with a B.A. in English. He was then hired at Ridley College in 1976, where he taught English until his retirement.

Wright continued to write and published many books over the years.  The novel “Clara Callan”, released in 2001 won the following literary prizes: The Giller Prize, the Trillium Book Award and the Governor General’s Award. He was also named to the Maclean’s Honour Roll in 2002. His books “The Age of Longing” (1995), “Adultery” (2004) and “October” (2007) were nominated for The Giller Prize and Governor General’s Award. A bibliography of works by Richard B. Wright include:

Andrew Tolliver (1965)

The Weekend Man (1970)

In the Middle of a Life (1973)

Farthing’s Fortunes (1976) Wright-Cover-1.jpg

Final Things (1980)

The Teacher’s Daughter (1982)

Tourists (1984)

One John A. Too Many (1984)

Sunset Manor (1990)

The Age of Longing (1995)

Clara Callan (2001)

Adultery (2004)

October (2007)

Mr. Shakespeare’s Bastard (2010)

Awards and nominations: Toronto Book Award – 1973, for “In the Middle of Life” Faber Memorial Prize UK – 1975 “In the Middle of Life” Giller Prize Nomination – 1995 “The Age of Longing” Governor General’s Award Nomination – 1995 “The Age of Longing” Governor General’s Award – 2001 “Clara Callan” Giller Prize – 2001 “Clara Callan” Honorary Doctor of Letters – 2006 – Trent University Member of the Order of Canada – 2007

Wright remains a resident of St. Catharines where he continues to write.

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