W. H. Merritt Gallery: Third Welland Canal

There’s More to the Story

There’s always more information, stories, and artifacts than we can fit in an exhibit. Explore the contents below to learn more about the history of the Third Welland Canal.

Virtual Museum Lecture: “Lost and Forgotten: the Third Welland Canal.”

This lecture examines the story of construction, and history of its disuse to rediscover the Third Welland Canal. With its urban sections mostly buried, the physical traces of the Third Canal are difficult to find.

Image Gallery: Letters and Documents

View additional letters and documents from the Museum’s collection regarding the Third Welland Canal.

Artifact and Images Object Package: Third Welland Canal

Explore the Museum’s collection via eMuseum and see objects and photographs related to the Third Welland Canal we weren’t able to put on display.

Further Reading

The below list of sources are available at the St. Catharines Public Library.