New Stock at Merritt’s Mercantile

The Museum’s famous gift shop, Merritt’s Mercantile, has some new and staple items for sale that are sure to make your visit to the Museum memorable!

Nautical items are always popular with local residents and with visiting tourists. Make sure to come in and peruse the wonderful selections before they’re all gone!


  • “2019 Know Your Ships”: $24.95
  • LED Lighthouse: $39.95
  • Model of the Atlantic: $99.95
  • Captain’s Hat: $14.95
  • Monkey Fist (rope ball): $22.95
  • Welcome Mat: $19.95

Merritt’s Mercantile has a great selection of toys, books, games, and plush stuffed animals for all the kids in your travel pack!


  • “Good Night, Canada”: $9.99
  • “Good Morning, Canada”: $9.99
  • “The Very Sleepy Bear”: $9.99
  • “Sleepover at the Museum”: $17.99
  • “Benny the Whale”: $24.95 (local story, author, and publisher)
  • Plush stuffed Moose in PJ’s: $15.95

Looking for local items to remember your trip to St. Catharines? Merritt’s Mercantile carries a number of locally-branded souvenir items.


  • “Drivers Guide to the Historic Welland Canal”: $10.95
  • “Drivers Guide to the Welland Canal”: $10.95
  • “Lake Boats”: $29.95
  • St. Catharines Mug: $12.95
  • St. Catharines Museum shot glass: $4.95
  • St. Catharines Museum keychain: $3.95
  • St. Catharines bookmark: $4.95

And there is so much more! Come visit and explore all Merritt’s Mercantile has to offer. We hope to see you soon.

Stock available while supplies last. All prices listed do not include HST.

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